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Welcome to Harris Organic. Thank you for your interest in our organic brandy.

Harris Organic is the only certified organic brandy distiller in Australia.

Harris Organic - Organic Brandy

We are great at distilling that's why we are the best organic brandy distillery in Australia
Brandy - 375 mL and 750 mL

Our Organic Brandy is truly double-distilled using a wood-fired pot still. This hand-made VSOP organic brandy is evocative of the organic brandies made at Cognac in France. Once the spirit has been collected it is placed in small oak casks in the underground cellar to mature for a minimum of 3 years (our bottles are labelled with the distillation and the bottling dates). The alcohol content is 40%. This organic brandy has complex characters that include caramel, toffee, notes of orange, vanilla, smoky spice and cloves. The current release organic brandy is not a blend of organic brandies, but a single vintage. Get your brandy from our Organic Store today!

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What we do - Brandy?

Organic distilling of brandy
Harris Organic is the only certified organic distillery in Australia. We use our organic grapes as the base for our organic Brandies, Eau de Vie and Vodka.
Cellar Door Sales
As we sell direct to you, at our cellar door or through our online wine store, our organic brandy prices and quality are better than anywhere in Perth. Open from Wednesday to Monday 11am to 4.30pm. Tuesday by appointment.

Organic Brandy Stills

bertha the still
Bertha - Our organic Brandy Still
Golden Orb-Organic Vineyard Worker