Harris Organic Vodka, Organic Brandy and Gin

Perth, Western Australia

Harris Organic Vodka and alcohol from the only organic distillery in Perth.

Harris Organic is the only organic brandy distillery in Australia making organic vodka, organic brandy and gin.

Good for the earth and the environment!

Open from 11:00am ’til 4.30pm.
Thursday to Monday by appointment

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Perth is home to Harris Organic Vodka distillery in Western Australia, who specialise in organic gin, organic vodka, eau de vie and brandy.

Organic Vodka Production
Organic Brandy Production
Part of our mission concerns reducing inputs. Reducing inputs is central to Harris Organic’s philosophy of vineyard management; we favour the slow food process of organic production - vital to physical and environmental health. In making organic vodka we use minimal artificial energy sources. For example we use a wood fired pot still and have an underground cellar for cool storage. While our organic brandy likewise matured in oak, and ultimately sealed in recyclable glass and natural cork. We use very small amounts of electrical energy in producing a bottle of organic vodka compared with the Australian average. The other part of our philosophy is to produce the best organic vodka, organic ethanol, organic alcohol and organic brandy in Australia.
Harris Organics vision is to produce chemical free organic vodka and brandy, that are healthy and good for you (in moderation) and the environment. To do this our certified organic vineyard is fed with composted manure and composed wood chips, instead of chemical fertilisers. Our organic vodka spirits, are not fined or filtered with no animal additives. We are able to produce the first certified organic vodka spirits in Australia as we are self sufficient in organic brandy spirit production.
Organic Vodka Spirit Production
From the organic grape varieties in our vineyard Harris Organic produces a wide range of organic spirits, whether you required traditional cognac style organic brandy,gin, pisco, eau de vie or pure vodka. Organic vodka and Western Australian gin is made with our column still, refining and rectifying the organic spirit to a very high purity of ethanol alcohol. To know more browse our on-line store.
Organic Brandy Production
Harris Organic produces a wide range of brandies; Duncan Harris the chief distiller makes brandy, eau de vie, gin and vodka from the grapes grown on the property. Duncan has two stills, a traditional pot still and a rectification column still to produce various products, some are used for flower remedies and tinctures. Organic Brandy is made from eau de vie, twice distilled in our wood fired pot still. Others are made with time honoured tradition for your enjoyment.
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