Harris Organic Wine and Spirits - Philosophy

Caring for you and the environment in Perth.

Harris Organic - Philosophy

We are careful at what we do and that's why we are the best organic distillery in Perth.

Organic and Sustainability

Being organic and considering sustainability is central to Harris Organic’s philosophy of vineyard management; we favour the slow food process of spirit production - vital to physical and environmental health. Ultimately this has an end of caring for you and the environment.
Land that is cared for without irrigation from underground water allows the land to be used for future generations.
In vodka-making we use minimal artificial energy sources. Our primary distillation is performed in a wood fired pot still. The wood is sourced from vineyard cuttings and disposed trees. Do you know some one else who makes spirits with wood fire?

Another example; we built an underground cellar for naturally cooler storage temperatures while our brandy likewise mature in oak, ultimately sealed in recyclable glass and cork. We use very small amounts of electricity in producing a litre of spirit compared with the Australian average.

We use no preservative or additives. See the Additive List for the chemicals that we DO NOT use in our spirits (useful if you have particular allergies).

A quote:

" Distilling is beautiful. First of all, because it is a slow, philosophic, and a silent occupation, which keeps you busy but gives you time to think of other things, somewhat like swimming laps. Then, because it involves a metamorphosis from liquid to vapour (invisible), and from this once again to liquid; but in this double journey, up and down, purity is attained, an ambiguous and fascinating condition, which starts with chemistry and goes very far.

And finally, when you set about distilling, you acquire the consciousness of repeating a ritual consecrated by the centuries, almost a religious act, in which from imperfect material you obtain the essence, the USIA, the spirit, and in the first place alcohol, which gladdens the spirit and warms the heart." from POTASSIUM by Primo Levi

We do not have a cafe or restaurant so we can concentrate in making great spirits.

Certified Organic and Carbon Neutral

Since the end of 2006 we have been Certified Organic (See our organic certificate.)

We have an expensive annual inspection and our practices follow strict instructions and laws.

We planted a green belt of trees and installed 24 panels producing a maximum of 5kW of solar power to offset our electricity and hydrocarbon fuel usage.

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Organic Staff

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